Immigration Categories

Historically Canada is known to welcome immigrants and visitors from all over the world. Currently there are over 60 programs through which a foreign national can obtain a visa to Canada. While some programs offer only a temporary stay such as a visitor visa or a study permit, others facilitate permanent residence which eventually leads to Canadian citizenship. The key is to determine a suitable and cost effective path for your journey to Canada. At Nova Immigration we work hard to find the right immigration solutions and offer a range of services to make your goals and dreams a reality.

Immigration Categories

Permanent Residence – Express Entry

Eligible candidates have to submit a profile into the Express Entry pool. The entries will be ranked according to a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). An entry can remain in the pool for 12 months. The Government of Canada issues Invitations to Apply (ITA) to the highest ranked candidates in the pool apporoximately every 2 weeks. The candidates that have received an ITA will have 60 days to submit their full application for permanent residence. The Government aims to complete the full applications within 6 months. Below are 3 categories of Express Entry.

Federal Skilled Worker category

  • A points based system for professionals and skilled workers.
  • Language test and foreign educational credentials mandatory.

Canada Experience Class

  • Must have high skilled work experience in Canada.
  • Language test mandatory.

Federal Skills Trades Class

  • Certificate of Qualification or Job Offer required.
  • Language test mandatory.

Do you qualify? Please email us at and request for our Express Entry Questionnaire so you may begin your free assessment process today!

Permanent Residence – Family Class

Sponsorship of a Spouse or Child

  • Sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Family relationship must be established.

Parental Sponsorships

  • Sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Must meet the income test.

Sponsorship of an Orphaned Niece or Nephew

  • Sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident.

Sponsorship of one other relative

  • Sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Must have no family in Canada.

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Temporary Residence

Visitor Visas (TRV)

  • Visitor must establish that the visit is only for a temporary purpose and he/she has the ability and intention to return to their home country at the end of the authorized visit.

Parental Super Visas

  • Inviter must meet the income test (LICO).
  • Medical insurance mandatory.

Work Permits

  • A positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) required for most cases.
  • Must have education and experience for the job offered.

Study Permits

  • Meet entry requirements for colleges & universities.
  • Admission from a college or university required.
  • Sufficient funds required.
  • IELTS required.

We are proud to announce that NOVA has been appointed as the Country Representatives in Sri Lanka for Durham College and The University of Ontario, Institute of Technology in Oshawa, Ontario.

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Immigration Appeals

Family Class Sponsorship Appeals

  • Refusals of sponsorships can be appealed at the Immigration Appeal Division.
  • Must file notice within specified time.

Residency Obligation Appeals

  • Refusal to allow a Permanent Resident to return to Canada for failing to meet the residency requirements may be appealed at the Immigration Division.

Removal Order Appeals

  • Prescribed groups of people ordered to be removed from Canada after an examination or admissibility hearing have the benefit of a full hearing on the allegations against them.

Vacation and Cessation Appeals

  • Immigration laws allow for loss of permanent residence status if refugee protection ceases under certain grounds such as misrepresentation.

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Admissibility Hearing

We represent clients who are called for Admissibility hearings for various types of immigration law violations. Contact us for more details.

Detention Reviews

Foreign nationals who remain in detention for violation of immigration laws are brought to detention reviews every 28 days. We represent detainees to facilitate their release on bail. Contact us for more details.

Inadmissibility – Temporary Resident Permits

Visa applications are sometimes not approved because the Applicant is either criminally or medically inadmissible to Canada. A Temporary Resident Permit [TRP] formerly Minister's Permit can be applied for under certain circumstances to overcome the inadmissibility. Contact us for more details.

Criminal Inadmissibility – Rehabilitation Applications

If you have a past criminal record or have committed an act or omission that is considered an offence in Canada, you may likely be deemed inadmissible to Canada. Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to assist you with a rehabilitation application to overcome your inadmissibility. Contact us for more details.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

Various provinces offer immigration opportunities limited to the province. Each program has specific requirements.
Contact us to find if you qualify under any of the provincial programs.


Must meet residency and other requirements to be eligible for Canadian citizenship. Contact us for more details.

PR card extensions and related matters

We can help with PR card extensions. Contact us for more details.

Federal Court Referrals

We provide referral services to clients who need legal representation at the Federal Court of Canada and levels above. You will benefit from our knowledge and connections with the specific area expert Federal Court lawyers. Contact us for more details.

Claims for Refugee Protection in Canada

Canada offers refugee protection to people in Canada who fear persecution and who are unwilling or unable to return to their home country. Contact us for more details.