The Value of an Industry Expert

Retaining an Immigration Consultant or a Lawyer is not mandatory in your immigration process. However, Canadian immigration systems and processes have become increasingly complex. In addition, policy and regulatory changes happen regularly and often without prior warning. Navigating the system on your own can be frustrating and you might miss important details that could be detrimental your case. Therefore, it is in your best interest to have your eligibility assessed professionally and entrust an experienced and knowledgeable professional to represent you in your Canadian immigration process.

Before you retain our services, we;

  • Assess your eligibility against available immigration options.
  • Determine your immigration category.
  • Provide you with information and educate you on the process and approximate timelines.
  • Answer all your questions relating to your immigration matter.
  • Email responses and conduct telephone discussions.

Once you retain our services, we;

  • Coordinate with you to collect information and documents.
  • Prepare, perfect and file your application.
  • Keep you up to date with the developments of your file.
  • Forward all correspondence received from Canada immigration for your information.
  • Prepare you for your interview / tribunal hearing.
  • Monitor progress of your file until your case is finalized.
  • Intervene with Canada Immigration if necessary.
  • Upon receipt of your visa, advise you of your obligations.

Client representation at hearings and reviews:

  • Represent you at immigration appeal division, immigration division and refugee protection division, and at detention reviews.

Other services:

  • Immigration Consultations.
  • Immigration referrals.
  • Commissioning of Oaths and Affidavits.

Featured Services

Express Entry

Are you interested in migrating to Canada? Express Entry is the gateway to economic categories.

Student Visas

We help international students with College and University admissions and represent them in their study visa applications.

Spousal Sponsorships

Sponsor your spouse for permanent residence from in or outside Canada. Proven track record of high success rates.

Parental Super Visas

Quick and easy avenue for parents/grand-parents to visit. 10-year multiple entry possible. 2 year stay each visit.